East London Lines investigates alleged ‘child exorcisms’ near South Norwood Leisure Centre in Croydon

South Norwood Leisure Center, scene of alleged child exocisms. (Photo credit: Michael Ellery)

South Norwood Leisure Centre, scene of alleged child exorcisms. (Photo: Michael Ellery)

Following allegations of ‘child exorcisms’ in a number of newspapers last week, EastLondonLines went to Croydon to investigate. The exorcism rituals seem to have taken place between 4am and 6am, where members of the group could be heard saying: “In the name of Jesus” and “Get the demon out”, near the South Norwood Leisure Centre, on Denmark road.

Our reporter spoke to local people in and around the spot where the ceremonies were said to have taken place. Local residents from the surrounding area were either shocked to find out what had been happening on their doorstep, or knew only what they had read from other news sources.

The ceremonies were said to have been taking place during the last month, with people living nearby apparently reporting groups of people chanting prayers for around 20 minutes whilst surrounding a young child (reported in The Daily Mail here). Some of the incidents have allegedly involved children, but it is unclear whether it is the same child in all the ‘exorcisms’.

New Creation Assembly for All Nations church near the site of the alleged exorcism. Photo: Michael Ellery

New Creation Assembly for All Nations church near the site of the alleged exorcisms. (Photo: Michael Ellery)

Local residents have also been complaining about the noise coming from the nearby New Creation Assembly for All Nations church on Portland Road. A minister from the church denied they have any involvement with the so-called exorcisms. He said: “I think you know it wasn’t our church. Our church doesn’t do things like that.”

The police received calls about the issue from concerned residents earlier in the month but “no allegations of crime have been made”. They are currently investigating the situation.

A police spokesperson said: “Police attended Enmore Road on the morning of September 30 and spoke with a group of adults present in the street who were said to be chanting prayers. No children were present. The group was advised about the potential impact of their activity at such an early hour upon local residents.” No arrests were made.

A spokesperson added: “Officers have made local enquiries following the initial report, but have not identified any individuals involved at this time. We are continuing with our enquiries to try and establish the identity of the child allegedly involved to ensure that there is no risk to their welfare.”

The police have encouraged anyone to contact the police immediately by calling 999 if they witness any of these activities especially if the welfare of a child is at risk.

Please also contact EastLondonLines if you have witnessed an ‘exorcism’.

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