Hackney thief banned from all of London’s pubs

Geir Halvorsen pub story

Williams’ ban covers all of London’s drinking establishments Pic: Geir Halvorsen

A known Hackney thief became the first person to get banned from all of London’s pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs after receiving one of the last ASBOs issued in this country.

Rodney Williams, 34, from Hackney was given an ASBO which forbids him from entering any business that serves alcohol. The judge came to this decision after Williams admitted to 12 counts of theft and one of theft by finding. Williams was also given 4 years in jail. The 25 year ban will commence as soon as Williams serves his time.

East London Lines spoke to James Lewis from Hackney Police who said: “We were aware of Mr Williams’ activities as he was seen many times in the same establishments someone reported a theft. We were looking for a way to make sure he doesn’t steal again and we are very delighted he has been given an ASBO as more people in Hackney can feel at ease knowing that their belongings are safe.”

Chief Inspector, Ian Simpkins from Hackney Police also commented: “This is an excellent result which has seen a prolific thief receive a suitably restrictive ASBO. This result would not have been possible without PC William Brown from the Hackney Anti-Social Behaviour Team and Hackney’s Night Time Economy Team. They visited numerous establishments to prove the extent of his offences.”

He added: “I would like to urge residents in Hackney, to take a few simple steps to help us stop thieves. Keep phones and wallets in pockets at the front of your body and ensure handbags are kept zipped up.”

Williams will be able to drink in a London pub if the landlord knows of his ASBO and conviction and gives him permission to buy alcohol.

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