Rudimental remix hit song ‘Le Freak’

Nile Rodgers with the aspiring young producers. Pic: Piers Aggett

Nile Rodgers with the aspiring young producers. Pic: Piers Aggett

Classic seventies hit Le Freak, remixed by Hackney group  Rudimental, will be streamed live from 7pm here.

Rudimental joined forces with Nile Rodgers and the O2’s GoThinkBig work experience initiative to offer a group of young people the opportunity to remix Rodgers’ hit song Le Freak.

The classic seventies track, now remixed by Rudimental and the young people that attended the GoThinkBig initiative, will be released in time for Rodgers sold out performance tonight, October 9, at the indigo, O2. The gig is organised by the GoThinkBig group.

Award-winning Rudimental confessed that they were awestruck  being able to work with one of their musical idols, Rodgers, as well as to have the opportunity to help young people, something they are all very passionate about.

Piers Aggett, one quarter of Rudimental, said: “We all felt honoured  to get involved with the project. Knowing how hard it is to make it in this industry and get your sound out there, we all wanted to take part, share our skills and help in any way we could. We want to keep helping as many people as we can.”

He added: “Coming from a background working in schools and mentoring schemes, I think it is important to help young people when they are starting out, so they have someone who they can learn from and look up to.”

After the three day experience, Rudimental selected the most outstanding producer from the group to finish off the track in their studio.

Considered one of the most influential music producers in the history of popular music, Rodgers has produced music for artists including David Bowie, Madonna, Diana Ross, Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams.

Rodgers is also the founder of the We Are Family Foundation, and has been working to help millions of people all over the world since 2011. He said: “I know the feeling of rejection from when I started out and for many young people it’s hard to get their first career break.”

He added: “That’s why I’ve joined forces with GoThinkBig to offer up opportunities to remix my most successful track, Le Freak and inspire young people across the UK to dream big.”

Out of the thousands who applied for the scheme, Rodgers handpicked only 20 applicants to participate, aged between 16 to 24 years old.

Aggett said: “It was an organic process as none of us had done anything like this before, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect but we let things naturally form”

He added: “Producers were in one room and musicians in another. It was quite manic at times but overall it was amazing. The musicianship was really high so we had a lot of really good stuff to record.”

The scheme offered placements in a variety of job types ranging from musician to manager or engineer to stylist. Aggett said: “I think the experience was a valuable lesson as a lot of people don’t realise how many jobs there are in the music industry. Whether you are a musician, production manager or artist liaison there is so many opportunities in this industry – it is not about just making music.”

All proceeds from this concert will go to Nile’s charity We Are Family and GoThinkBig.

For more information on how to apply for other schemes visit or follow @GoThinkBig using #GTBfreaks.

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