Stokey Local and Hackney in High Court battle

A Stokey Local campaign banner. Pic: Hackney Planning Watch

A Stokey Local campaign banner. Pic: Hackney Planning Watch

The development of a new Sainsbury’s supermarket in Stoke Newington is being debated in the High Court right now (14-16 October).

The people behind the Stokey Local campaign will argue that the council’s decision to grant permission to Newmark to build a new Sainsbury’s and 53 flats was unlawful.

The case has three possible outcomes. Firstly, if the campaigners lose and the judge’s ruling says that the council’s decisions were legal, Newmark will be allowed to start building straight away. Moreover, the campaigners will be faced with a legal bill of £15,000.

Secondly, the council’s decision may still be ruled as unlawful, but permission to proceed with the construction of the new supermarket could be granted by the judge. In this case, the court could still award costs against the campaigners.

Lastly, planning permission will not be granted to Newmark if the campaigners’ legal team wins. However, campaigners believe that Newmark will not simply throw in the towel. The Stokey Local campaign might be forced to continue in order to convince Newmark to downscale or change the development.

The public can follow the case at Court 2 at the Royal Courts of Justice from 10:30am on 14 October until the end of court business on Thursday.

The Stokey Local campaign is in need of £5,000 in case it needs help to fight another legal stage. You can email the campaigners in order to make a direct donation here.

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