Swan saved by police survives Mile End car crash

Swan rescued by Tower Hamlets police officer. Photo: @MPSTowerHam / Twitter

Swan rescued by Tower Hamlets police officer. Photo: @MPSTowerHam / Twitter

A swan that was knocked down on Mile End Road on Saturday is recovering well after being rescued by a Tower Hamlets police officer.

PC Matthew Purcell rescued the swan after it collided with two cars. Purcell, who was on patrol at the time, said: “I got there and the poor thing was getting stressed out with all the attention from everyone trying to take photos and trying to get close to it.”

The officer cordoned off the area and contacted the borough wildlife officer who put him in touch with the Swan Sanctuary, where the swan is currently being taken care of.

“I could see that it could not walk” PC Purcell said, “It had blood on its leg and feet and could only manage a hobble or two.” After distracting the swan, now named ‘Miley’, Purcell managed to catch it and take it to Bow Police Station.

He said: “We found a dark quiet room for it to be in. Initially it laid its head down and we seriously thought that it would not survive. However it perked up and was taken to the sanctuary.”

‘Miley’ is said to need surgery to mend the six inch wound in her neck, and the sanctuary expect her to be there for a while. Although they believe that ‘Miley’ will be feeling better over the next few days.

Tower Hamlets MPS tweeted an image of the swan and PC Purcell yesterday with the caption: “All wrapped up and recovering – with great thanks to the #SwanSanctuary – ‘Miley’ is recovering well :)”.

PC Purcell concluded: “I feel some personal satisfaction that we took the decision to rescue the cygnet rather than take it off to the canal, where it would have certainly died. I might even go and see it in the hospital to see how it’s doing”.

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