Tfl member asked to step aside in superhighway row

Cycle lane in the East End. Pic: Martin Deutsch

Cycle lane in the East End. Pic: Martin Deutsch

The London Cycling Campaign is asking for a Tfl board member to step aside from cycle superhighway discussions due to conflict of interest.

Peter Anderson, Chair of Tfl’s Finance and Policy committee, has become the focus of an attack by LCC.

The campaigners are claiming that the future of the cycle superhighway, which is to be decided in November, is “at risk” due to “one extremely powerful individual who sits on the Tfl board”.

Their claims are based on the fact that Anderson is also the managing director of finance at Canary Wharf Group, the company behind “a detrimental briefing against the superhighway proposals”.

Rosie Downes, campaigns manager at LCC, said: “There is a very clear conflict of interest here. Thousands of Londoners have responded in support of the superhighway proposals. Anderson’s vision of London does not reflect in any way what the rest of us want to see.”

The Mayor’s official spokesman responded that the interests of Tfl board members are made public on the Tfl website, under “declarations of interest”.

He said: “Tfl has processes in place for dealing with potential conflicts of interest at the meetings. Where appropriate, this will include board members taking no part in the decision on an item being considered by the board.”

Plans for London cycle superhighways have created some disappointment in the past, but in September some potentially game-changing plans have been revealed.

These would provide secure spaces for London’s cyclists by creating special cycle ways that would separate them from motor vehicles.

ELL approached Peter Anderson’s team for comment but they have not yet been able to give a reply.

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