Attackers jailed for stealing £5,000 from 75 year-old


Rishi Nankani and Daniel Emifeoluwa. Pic: Metropolitan Police

Rishi Nankani and Daniel Emifeoluwa. Pic: Metropolitan Police

A footballer and his friend have been found guilty of robbing £5,000 from a man aged 75, after knocking him over and dragging him into oncoming traffic.

The semi-professional footballer, Rishi Nankani, is an ex-Carshalton Athletic player. Nankani and student, Daniel Emifeoluwa, were jailed on October 31 for assaulting the pensioner.

The case at Croydon Crown Court saw Nankani, 25, sentenced to six years in jail and Emifeoluwa, 23, to four years. Both were ordered to pay £2,500 each to the victim.

The attack on October 18 took place after the victim had withdrawn the £5,000 from the bank earlier in the day. He had intended to use the money to fund a building project.

Detective Constable Leigh Stimpson from Croydon Criminal Investigation Department said: “Nankani and Emifeoluwa worked together to pick out and target their elderly victim.”

Witnesses told police they saw Nankani flee the scene in a silver Range Rover and CCTV footage from the shopping centre enabled police to identify Emifeoluwa as his accomplice.

Police conducted a search of Nankani’s Range Rover vehicle, which revealed a newly purchased Versace jumper, along with the deerstalker hat he had been wearing during the attack.

Stimpson said: “It took them almost no time at all to go and start spending the money they’d stolen, but ultimately, this ended up helping us with the investigation.”

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