Roads “three times more dangerous” than Hackney’s

Signpost for bicycle lanes. Pic: Matthew Black

Signpost for bicycle lanes. Pic: Matthew Black

The roads of Croydon have been labelled “three times more dangerous per mile cycled than those of Hackney” as the council announces a new £5000 cycle focused grant. The grant will fund community led cycle rides in summer 2015.

It is aimed at improving the confidence of novice cyclists and their proficiency to cycle on some of London’s most dangerous roads.

Croydon council have set up similar bids in 2013 and 2014 saying: “It has proved to complement the work the council already undertakes through its strong relationships with residents and community groups.”

However, Angus Howlett, of the Croydon Cycle Campaign said: “the number of cyclists hurt and killed on Croydon’s roads is actually fairly low for a London borough but that’s partly because there are so few people cycling there.

A study in 2013 showed that, on average 1% of journeys in Croydon were made by bicycle, with nearly two-thirds of the borough’s population having never cycled. Howlett said this could partly be blamed on many adults “not being in the habit of cycling.”

Transport for London has highlighted Croydon town centre as having “a high density of potentially cyclable trips” as they outlined that 70% of cyclable trips were being made by car. 

While supportive of the scheme and describing it as “a genuinely wonderful way to improve the health of those taking part” the CCC has said: “a £5000 programme run by community non-profit groups is a drop n the ocean in a borough of nearly 400,000.”

The news comes just days after the death of another cyclist in Tower Hamlets taking the total of cycling fatalities in London to 11 this year.

You can find how to apply for the grant here.​

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