Haggerston wins monopoly on board game cafes

Board Game. Pic: Weixiang Ng

Board Game. Pic: Weixiang Ng

London’s first board game café, Draughts, is set to open in Haggerston this Saturday.

Draughts, which was conceived by Toby Hamand and Nick Curci, will open at 337 Acton Mews, near Haggerston station.

The cafe will provide customers with the chance to browse an extensive collection of board games and play over a drink with friends.

Toby Hamand financed Draughts partly through the online fundraising site, Kickstarter. He raised nearly £21,000, more than double the £10,000 required to get the project off the ground.

Draughts was inspired by ‘Snakes and Lattes’, the world’s first board game cafe in Canada. Draughts will charge non-members £5 to play a board game for an unlimited amount of time, with members paying £3.50.

The cafe will also serve as a venue for board game workshops and tournaments, as well as less game-related events like speed dating.

Time Out has described the cafe as ideal for those who “are getting a bit tired of endless partying and wouldn’t mind swapping our Jägerbombs and two-day hangovers for a strong cup of coffee and something a bit more civilised.”

Draughts plans to stock local craft ales as well as providing coffee from Notes, which has its own roastery in Islington. It will be open from 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.

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