Abandoned dogs find new home on Hackney Marshes

Ella and John Wheatley. Pic: Muna Fadhil

Ella and John Wheatley. Pic: Muna Fadhil

New kennels providing care for the 250 stray dogs abandoned each year in the borough opened in Hackney Marshes on Friday.

The individually-heated kennels offer shelter to the neglected dogs while they receive veterinary care, micro-chipping and rehabilitation training.

John Wheatley, head of environmental operations for Hackney Council is in charge of the kennels. He told Eastlondonlines that, although the kennel currently only has between four to eight dogs per week, they struggle with high capacities during times of economic instability.

The shelter relies heavily on a network of charities including All Dogs Matter, Dogs Trust and RSPCA, as well as individual volunteers.

Thanks to these volunteers, the Hackney kennels can host dogs for months on top of the statutory obligation to house a dog for seven days.

Wheatley said: “I want to highlight some of the issues with dogs being abandoned and get people to understand that if you get a dog it is a big responsibility. It is really quite distressing to find dogs in poor conditions. They may have not been fed or be in a nervous condition. Sometimes they are aggressive because of the way they have been treated. ”

Each chew-proof kennel includes a large bed and an exercise area for each dog, as well as a large external space.

There is secure access to the canal towpath next to Hackney marshes for the council’s 35 volunteer dog walkers.

The kennels will be individually named by pupils of nearby Mandeville Primary School, who attended the launch.



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