Transgender swimming group opens in Lewisham

Members of the new swimming group launched in Lewisham. Photo: TAGS on Facebook

Members of the new swimming group launched in Lewisham. Photo: TAGS on Facebook

The first transgender swimming group in London has opened at the Glass Mill Leisure Centre, Lewisham. It has been agreed that the club will come together as part of a three month trial with Lewisham Council.

The group, TAGS, are encouraging all interested swimmers to attend the sessions in order to build support and make them permanent.

Councillor Chris Best, Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing and Older People said: “At the Council, we recognise some of the barriers there are to leisure opportunities for transgender individuals and I am so pleased that these swimming sessions have been confirmed at Glass Mill. I hope they will have the support of everyone in the community.”

The pool staff have received training by TAGS representatives to make sure that gender issues are treated sensitively, in order to make all members feel comfortable in attending the sessions, which take place every Friday evening.

Roberta Francis, co-founder of TAGS, said on Facebook: “We are getting so popular we may have to start a TAGS newspaper to keep up with all our news.”

TAGS is looking at expanding from swimming classes, to yoga classes as well.  Francis added: “We are looking at spaces for the event and are hoping we can generate enough interest in the community to support this.”

“TAGS is growing from strength to strength.”

The sessions run at 8.3opm every Friday until 19th December and are organised by Roberta Francis and Cryssy Hunter.

Find out more by taking a look at the event page on Lewisham Council’s website.

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