Nov 14 – Nov 21 Art shows, markets and festivals

Damien Hirst artwork. Pic: See-ming Lee

Damien Hirst artwork. Pic: See-ming Lee

Looking for something interesting to do this week? We know where you can get new things for free, lounge in a cafe that offers all your favourite board games, learn about liquor tasting and indulge in the local art scene including works by Damian Hirst.

November 15 - London’s first board game café open

If you’re in the mood to enjoy some down-time, lounging with a hot drink and playing board games with friends, a visit to London’s very first board game café, Draughts in Haggerston is a must. The café opens this Saturday.

November 16 - Give and Take days

Need stuff for free? Kingsmead Community Centre is having an unconventional market on November 16 where you can give up belongings you don’t need and take new things for free. Giving-time is from 12:30pm to 2:15pm and take-time is from 2:30pm onwards. Give and Take will take place on November 22, 23 and 29 in different locations.


November 17 - Canary Warf Christmas Market

At Canary Wharf's Christmas market you can find everything from food and drinks to handcrafted gifts. The market offers personalised Christmas decorations, handmade soap, jewellery, wooden toys, oil paintings and handbags as well as Spanish churros, hot chestnuts, mulled wine, gingerbread houses and more.

November 14 - "On the Way Home" Exhibition

Munir Waked is an artist living in east London, born and raised in Nazareth. His exhibition, On the Way Home explores and challenges our idea of social justice through installation and digital prints. It focuses on the lived experiences, including multiple displacements, of Palestinians from 1948 until 2014.


November 14 - Lewisham Fringe Festival

Lewisham’s Fringe Film Festival offers plays, comedies, musicals, films and sketches at London Theatre in New Cross. The festival offers 30 performances in total. More information can be found on ELL.

November 20 - Spirit of New Cross Liquor Tasting

LP bar is having theme night called Spirit of New Cross on November 20 for local residents to taste, experiment with and learn about spirits. You don’t have to be an expert; it’s a place to socialise and have fun.


November 14 - "Iconoclasm" Exhibition

Rise Gallery in Croydon is hosting an exhibition for the renowned artist Damian Hirst. The exhibition, called "Iconoclasm", opened on October 24 and will close on November 30. Hirst, a graduate of Goldsmiths College, was awarded the Turner Prize in 1995. He is known to challenge common belief systems through his artwork of instillation, sculpture and painting.

November 14 - "Line and Wash" Exhibition

"Line and Wash" exhibition by artist and illustrator, Lis Watkins, began on November 04 and will run until November 28. It is a chance to see drawings, prints and watercolours of people and places around Croydon. The exhibition will take place at Matthews Yard, Off Surrey Street.

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