Nov 21 – Nov 28 Jazz, dancing and photography

Séb Pipe at the London jazz festival. Pic: Mandy Goldberg

Séb Pipe at the London jazz festival. Pic: Mandy Goldberg

As the London Jazz Festival continues, the hazy beats of bebop and soul feature heavily on our list. If exotic cuisine is more your thing, Hackney Urban Food Fest will be serving delictible treats from across the globe. Once you’re worn out from all that excitement, slow things down with an introspective look at Iceland through the eyes of photographer Marc Sethi.

November 22 - Hackney Urban Food Fest

A revolving cast of dozens of food stalls will serve a variety of global cuisine at the Euro Car Parks in Shoreditch. Jerk chicken, wood-fired oven pizza, pad thai, halloumi souvlaki, sushi, schwarma, fried chicken, burritos and deep-fried frogs' legs will be on offer. Organiser Jess Tucker has said that there's everything from Orchard Pig cider to bottles of champagne on the menu.

November 27 - Takk Seyir by Marc Sethi

Sethi is showcasing his latest exhibition at Hackney Downs Studios. The photographs, taken over a 10 day period at the beginning of June, are introspective stills of Pòrsmörk National Park near Reykjavik, where Sethi delved into the Icelandic landscape, documenting the south coast of the island and its black sand coastline.

November 21 - FATHOM 2014

Though the event will run until January next year there is no sense in waiting to see the films put together by Four Corners' artists-in-residence. Artists including Gayle Chong Kwan, Will Jennings and Tessa Power will be displaying films on a wide array of subjects. From habitat degradation in Mauritius to the mythological Trickster character via "an imagined film that doesn't exist" the class of 2014 are sure to impress.

November 23 - Arun Ghosh Sonic Boom

One of the great clarinetists of his era returns. Sonic Boom brings together influences from psychedelia to Bowie and sees Ghosh collaborate with beatboxers and punk musicians to create an outstanding one off experience. Expect the unexpected and you certainly will not be disappointed.

November 22 - Jazz at The Albany

Fancy grooving down to some smooth jazz this Saturday? Then head over to The Albany, Deptford where New York hip-hop artist Baba Isreal and artistic director of Unfinished Business, Leo Kay, will be paying tribute to Isreal's late father, Stephen Ben Isreal, a New York Jazz musician, stand up comic and counter-cultural activist. Spinning Wheel will start at 7:30pm exploring pacifist activism, loss and legacy with spoken word, video and live music from Yako 440.

November 22 - DIG celebrates its first birthday

DIG, Lewisham's very own non-profit arts initiative, is celebrating its first year of curating exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures, screenings, discussions, reading groups and residency programmes. The birthday jollies will bring together DIG's favourite artists, performers, musicians, DJs and speakers. The day will kick off with open studio tours and end with a banquet in the evening.

November 24 - Agatha Christie's Mousetrap

The ultimate Whodunnit comes to Croydon. The Mousetrap is famous the world over for being the longest running show of any kind in the history of British theatre. To celebrate 60 years on stage, The Mousetrap is going on tour for the first time at the Ashcroft Theatre.

November 26 - Croydon High School celebrates its 140th anniversary

To celebrate Croydon High School's anniversary the school and community are putting together a performance that encompasses significant moments in the school's history. Performances will range from singing by the junior school to dramatic performances from senior students.

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