Police constable charged with dangerous driving

Police Officer Charged. Pic: Metropolitan Police

Police officers. Pic: Metropolitan Police

A Tower Hamlets police officer was last night charged with dangerous driving and attempted grievous bodily harm.

The offences are alleged to have been committed on August 31 by Naylor Jhita, who joined the police force in 2007. Jhita is understood to have been off-duty during the incident in Anerley, south-east London.

It is reported that the car involved was not a police vehicle and have also suggested that the offences may have been related to a domestic incident.

Jhita was arrested in September. Following her arrest, an investigation was launched by the Bromley Community Safety Unit.

Last night’s decision to charge Jhita came after an examination of the BSCU’s evidence by the Crown Prosecution Service.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed Jhita has since been suspended from her role as a Police constable.

Jhita has been released on bail. She is to appear at Bromley Crown Court for her trial on November 21.

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