Police officer stabs dog to death during drug search

Lonsdale Close. Pic: Google street view

Lonsdale Close. Pic: Google street view

A Lewisham police officer stabbed a dog to death earlier this morning during a drug search, sparking a complaint to be filed against the police.

The dog, which police believe was not of a dangerous or banned breed, is said to have attacked after officers entered the property on Lonsdale Close at 6:20am this morning. The animal bit an officer and then clamped down its jaws onto his leg.

The police say they “deemed [it] necessary to use force” following failed attempts to free the officer using CS spray. The police also sought assistance from a police dog unit before taking further action. The dog was stabbed with a knife and died at the scene from its injuries.

Scotland Yard have since confirmed that a complaint was filed against them following the incident. A spokesperson said: “The Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards has been informed and the matter is currently being investigated by officers at Lewisham’s Professional Standard Unit.”

The injured officer, a 39-year-old trainee Detective Constable, is awaiting surgery in a south London hospital for the injuries he sustained. His condition is currently stable.

Police did not find any drugs or make any arrests at the Lewisham residence.

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