Brockley residents petition on HGVs after accidents

DRAG road petition. Pic: Julian Sanchez

Drakefell Road Pic: Julian Sanchez


Brockley residents have petitioned for heavy goods vehicles to be banned on a local residential road following a “nearly fatal” accident.

Members of Drakefell Road Action Group are preparing to give a presentation to Lewisham Council on November 26 after submitting a petition. The road has been the scene of two major HGV accidents in the past six months.

The petition calls for a stop to the “rat running” through Drakefell Road, by banning HGVs, wider pavements, dedicated parking spaces and raised road tables to enforce the 20mph speed limit.

The action group received unanimous support from the residents that they spoke with, receiving 180 signatures for their petition.

Gillian Piggott of DRAG told Eastlondonlines: “[The accident] really focused us on what we wanted to do. Residents saw HGVs as more of a nuisance than anything else. The houses shake as they go past. They continually go over the 20mph speed limit … our view was, once the accidents happened, the street just was not safe anymore.”

In October, a recycling truck pulled out into the road, ripping down a tree that fell into a resident’s parking space. Piggot said: “Luckily no one was injured. People were very shaken up by it.”

In June, a lorry accidently shed a load of timber while attempting a three-point turn on the mini roundabout. The incident took place “just feet away from commuters, pedestrians and school girls”.

DRAG has estimated that 60 per cent of people on the road have had their car damaged, however the group are still gathering data on the matter.

Piggott, who has lived on Drakefell Road for 17 years, pointed out that prior to the two big accidents, when residents approached the council for help, councillors “just pooh-poohed it … they were not that interested”.

A Lewisham Council spokesperson said: “We recognise the seriousness of this issue and action has been taken to reduce the number of large vehicles using the route by installing width and weight restrictions. A temporary speed indicator device is also planned for 2014/15. We are working with the police to assist in whatever way we can to support the enforcement of the restrictions that are in place.”​

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