Rubber hits the road: condom couriers come to East London

Condom courier for Fringe! Pic: Terrence Higgins Trust

Condom courier for Fringe! Pic: Terrence Higgins Trust

Prophylatics can be peddled straight to homes in Hackney and Tower Hamlets as part of a new initiative for the Fringe! queer film and arts festival.

Luber, London’s first ever condom cycle courier, launched by Terrence Higgins Trust, offers confidential information and advice concerning sexual health, as well as delivering free condoms, lube and postal HIV test kits straight to your door via popular gay dating apps.

Fringe! is a not-for-profit, annual film and arts festival run by volunteers for the LGBTQ community in East London. It will be offering the courier service for the duration of the festival, which is currently underway and continues until Sunday.

Terrence Higgins Trust is the UK’s largest HIV and sexual health charity, providing information and advice about HIV and sexual health, as well as offering sexual health checks, counselling and support groups.

Justin Harbottle, Programme Officer at the Trust, said: “It may seem at first glance like a bit of fun, but Luber has been set up to meet a serious need. London has the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections in the country.”

“We’re always looking for new ways to ensure men have what they need to protect themselves, and mobile apps give us a great opportunity to do this.”

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