Space Invaders scheme in £50,000 National Lottery bid

Lewisham Space Invaders project. Pic: Phoenix Community

Lewisham Space Invaders project. Pic: Phoenix Community

A Lewisham based project will compete for £50,000 tonight to develop green spaces in the area.

The Space Invaders scheme is attempting to win National Lottery funding to create five local parks and offer new volunteering opportunities. If successful it will also offer accredited training to more than 80 community activists on how to manage the environment and reduce anti-social behaviour.

The project is aimed at transforming five open spaces close to schools in the Downham, Whitefoot and Bellingham wards of Lewisham into green spaces.

Space Invaders is a joint venture between Phoenix, a not-for-profit resident-led housing association and Wide Horizons, an independent charity that aims to provide an integrated outdoor and environmental education service to disadvantaged children.

Alex Brooks-Johnson, chief executive of Wide Horizons said: “The transformation will be led by local people, engaging with at least 70 volunteers to help regenerate the sites.”

Almost 40% of children in Downham, Whitefoot and Bellingham wards live in poverty, 28% of residents have no qualifications and 12% of 16 to 24-year-olds are in receipt of workless benefits.

The scheme will provide training for five community champions and volunteers to work with other adults, children and young people on projects at each of the green spaces.

If granted the £50,000 lottery funding, Space Invaders will aim to reduce fly tipping and antisocial behaviour around these areas and create a children’s eco play area, a small garden with planters and benches or a permanent sculpture or art project.

A short film about the project will be shown on ITV London Wednesday 26 November at 6pm. Lines are open to vote. Call 09015 228201 from a landline and 6228201 from a mobile phone.





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