Teachers vote to strike despite new Ofsted report

School children in a lesson. Pic: Wikipedia

School children in a lesson. Pic: Wikipedia

Teachers in Lewisham have voted for further strike action despite the release of a report from education secretary, Nicky Morgan that was sympathetic to teacher’s workloads.

The document aimed to “dispel myths” about teaching requirements. It clarified that teachers don’t have to submit lesson plans, self-evaluations or “excessive collections” of pupils’ work to Ofsted for inspection.

Instead, the report wants schools to carry out these practices as they see fit rather than trying to please inspectors.

Martin Powell-Davies, general secretary of the Lewisham branch of the NUT said: “it is a good start and a welcome contrast to Gove”.

However, a meeting of Lewisham NUT executives resulted in 98 per cent voting in favour of further strike action against “unsustainable levels of workloads”.

A teacher from a Blackheath school said: “My workload is insane. I have a passion for teaching and learning but my current workload is stifling, ultimately having a real impact on the kids’ progress”.

Tristram Hunt, shadow education secretary, said teachers are asked to “fill the role often left by absent parents; deliver excellence in examination results; develop character in our young people and provide extra-curricular activities.”

An NUT survey from September showed that 90 per cent of teachers had considered leaving the profession, while 87 per cent knew a colleague that had.

Hunt added: “This is one of the greatest killers of hope, progression and commitment…It explains why 40 per cent of teacher trainees leave the job within the first five years.”

Teachers are responding “in their thousands” to Morgan’s latest “Workload Challenge Survey” which asks for teacher’s solutions for tackling workloads. They are using #tellNicky to promote the campaign.



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