Coldplay ‘Ghost Stories’ in Shoreditch

Coldplay with Mila Furstova. Pic: Album Artists

Coldplay with Mila Furstova. Pic: Album Artists

Members of Coldplay will today be opening an exhibition in Shoreditch of artwork created for the cover of their latest album, “Ghost Stories” by artist Mula Fürstová.

The band will visit the Stolen Space Art Gallery for a private viewing today in Osborne Street, Shoreditch.

Created by Fürstová the album art will be on show to the public from Thursday December 4 until Sunday December 7. The exhibition will feature some never seen before work, as well as artwork created for four singles Magic, A Sky Full of Stars, Midnight and True Law.

Lead singer, Chris Martin said: “Sometimes a piece of art looks exactly like you think your song sounds.”

“On Ghost Stories, Mila somehow managed this time and time again. Her etchings showed exactly what we were trying to say.”

Chris Martin signing art work. Pic: Coldplay

Chris Martin signing art work. Pic: Coldplay

Fürstová is an award-winning internationally-exhibited artist. Her work has become part of important private and public collections, including that of Queen Elizabeth II and the V&A Museum in London.

Her minutely detailed work is created with traditional etching techniques which she describes as: “An intimate portrayal of the human soul explored through the medium of etching, expressed in a distinctly female voice.”

“I cut, fold and overlay my works, often printing on glass or other transparent surfaces thus creating imagery that is multidimensional in terms of both form and meaning.”

“I draw with a needle onto a plate, allowing the image to quietly grow, whilst a fragile silver line emerges from a dark background. The initial image undergoes metamorphosis as the alchemical process of etching process progresses through each of its stages. “

Coldplay will sign two pieces of the artwork and with others being signed by Fürstová.

All work at the exhibition will be for sale where 100 per cent of all proceeds will be going to the Kids Company charity who offer practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner city children in London and Bristol.

Coldplay have supported this charity for around 6 years.

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