HIV campaigners dump manure outside UKIP Office

Manure outside UKIP Croydon Office. Pic: Mike Kear

Manure outside UKIP Croydon Office. Pic: Mike Kear

HIV campaigners dumped a large pile of manure outside UKIP’s Croydon offices yesterday in response to Nigel Farage’s comments about HIV-affected people in October.

Two members of ACT UP UK, which is part of an international advocacy group for those with AIDS, were photographed kissing outside the offices next to a banner that read: “What goes around comes around – Solidarity on world AIDs day.”

In an interview with Newsweek, Farage said that the people he would let into the country were “people who do not have HIV”.

Dan Glass, spokesperson for ACT UP LONDON, said of the incident: “If Farage keeps spreading filth and lies and dishonesty it’s going to come back and bite him. His attitudes contravene everything that the UN stands for.”

When asked if the group were worried about any potential legal ramifications, Glass said: “Of course. We’re not in this to break the law but sometimes we have to to raise awareness. What’s a bit of shit on someone’s doorstep compared to the lives that could be saved by reducing the stigma of HIV and getting more people diagnosed.”

Following Eastlondonlines’ coverage of World AIDs day yesterday, we asked Glass how he would go about raising awareness and reducing the stigma of HIV in the UK. He said: “It is important to educate people about HIV as much as possible. We need to protect the NHS and fight to keep its services in place. Cuts to the service can further marginalise already marginalised groups.”


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