What Christmas means to me: School teacher

School at Christmas. Pic: T.E. Nichols

School at Christmas. Pic: T.E. Nichols

Rosie Lonsdale, a secondary school teacher at St Matthew Academy, Blackheath, talks to reporter Emma Henderson about the festivities and the countdown to the Christmas holidays at school.

“At the moment we have seven and a half school days left. This is great and everyone is looking forward to the break. Kids and teachers are starting to wind down and lots of events are being organised for the Christmas charity that the school is raising money for. Everyone is very excited.

There is a vague feeling of panic for the teachers as we have loads of deadlines to meet, including data entry for the recent assessment week, getting marking up to date, Year 10 coursework to complete and Year 11 course content to teach. All before the 19th!

Technically it is doable, but the kids are very excited and there have been lots of trips this year too.

With my Year 7 form we have parents evening next week, a pantomime to attend, an awards assembly (in which I have to speak!) and the school disco. We also have to put together a stall – we have chosen to do cake decorating and a table tennis tournament. We also have Christmas jumper day, Christmas lunch, Mass and house assemblies…it’s never ending!

The holidays will be a welcome break. In theory, I should mark three sets of coursework, plan for Year 11 teaching next term and mark all of my books. But I will of course be eating and drinking way too much like all normal people!

The holidays are a brilliant aspect of a seriously stressful job – everyone is crazy stressed and burnt out at the moment. But by the first day back, everyone will be looking fresh faced, about 10 years younger and we will have (temporarily) forgotten the current trauma of the end of term!”


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