Council introduces app to report noisy neighbours

MyCroydonApp Pic:Croydon Council

MyCroydonApp Pic:Croydon Council

Croydon Council have launched a new smartphone app, that allows users to report noisy neighbours..

The ‘My Croydon’ app has a decibel meter that measures noise and informs users whether it is loud enough to be classed as a “nuisance”. The app will make it easier to identify an unreasonable noise complaint allowing the council to take legal action if necessary.

The council receives around 4000 noise complaints a year and has the legal power to deal with unsociable levels of noise

Croydon Councillor Mark Watson stated: “It helps residents to work out what nuisance noise is, because people’s idea about nuisance noise varies. It really helps residents to find out whether it is a nuisance, whether it is worth being reported, and what can they expect from the council.”

The Labour member said: “The council is eager to use the latest technology to make the services we provide to residents more efficient. Whereas, previously residents would call the council to report noise, now they can do so at the click of a button via their smartphones.”

‪The ‘My Croydon’ app is free to download and available for Android and Apple smart phones. Nearly 6,000 people have already downloaded the app.

Video by: Basek Unalan and Patrick Jones

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