Couple “mortified” by Tesco cashier’s homophobic abuse

Tesco Extra. Pic: Eric Jones.

Tesco Extra. Pic: Eric Jones.

A Tesco cashier is facing a final warning for an alleged homophobic comment she made about a lesbian couple.

Natalie Rivans and her girlfriend Helen Embleton, both 30 from Deptford, were shopping at Tesco Extra in Surrey Quays when they allegedly heard the cashier, who had served a pregnant lesbian couple in front of them, say homosexuality is “wrong” and that “gay people shouldn’t have babies”.

When Rivans challenged the cashier following the incident, which took place on January 3, the cashier reportedly said: “It’s a free country so I can say what I like”.

A disciplinary hearing has since been held following the couple’s complaint to the store manager.

Rivans received a call several days later informing her that the cashier in question had received a “final warning” from the firm. The employee has since admitted to being offensive and has apologised.

Rivans, who was left “mortified” by the incident said: “It is not something I have ever come across in London before. I am really disgusted”. She has also advised Tesco to “change their policy and procedures”.

“I’m just shocked it’s 2015 and people in London are thinking in this manner,” she added.

Embleton, Rivans’ partner, said she was surprised by the cashier’s “audacity”.

The Tesco Extra branch in question declined to comment on the incident.

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