Kicking off January: From poets to pixels

Brockley Jack Theatre puts on Boris Godunov, a play by Alexander Pushkin. Pic: Brockley Jack.

Brockley Jack Theatre puts on Boris Godunov, a play by Alexander Pushkin. Pic: Brockley Jack.

It’s the New Year and Eastlondonlines is happy to welcome you back to the site. If you’re not too tired from all the holidaying, feasting, partying and family time, we’ve got a week full of events for you to fill in the gaps – from the Times of Troubles in Russia to dining al-camp-style.



Jan 8 –March 26 – Environment: ECO-BIZ Project

Location: Bellingham Gateway Youth and Community Centre

Groundwork London, a national charity devoted to working with communities across the UK to lead cleaner, greener lives, launches its ECO-BIZ Project this week. 13 – 19-year-olds are welcomed along to learn more about climate change and find out how to be business-savvy and environmentally-friendly at the same time.


Jan 13 -31 – Theatre: Boris Godunov

Location: Brockley Jack Theatre

Travel back in time to the year 1598 and watch Russia in the throes of a revolution. Boris Godunov is a play by Alexander Pushkin, directed by Scott Le Crass and Sean Turner.


Tower Hamlets

Jan 7-11 – Art: Jonathan Wateridge: Monument

Location: Wilkinson Gallery, Bethnal Green

Painter Jonathan Wateridge takes a step away from his usual staged scenarios, inhabited by gatherings of people, and dabbles instead in untouched, empty spaces in his latest exhibition.


Jan 7-22 – Dining: Gone Camping

Location: The Pickle Factory, The Oval

Don’t let the winter blues steal away your spirit of adventure! Try an alternative dining experience with The Art of Dining, who have transformed a shed in Bethnal Green into a Scout’s camping dream, complete with a five-course feast.



Jan 6 – Music: Angela Brownridge

Location: Croydon Fairfield Halls

Sit back, close your eyes and let the works of Schubert, Debussy, Chopin, Liszt and Gershwin wash over you, courtesy of piano prodigy Angela Brownridge.


Jan 9-22 – Exhibition: Turf Projects: A Pixel Or Digit?

Location: Croydon School of Art, Parfitt Gallery

The “A Pixel Or Digit?” exhibition questions the effect digital wireless technology has on how we understand the movement of images today.



Jan 7 – Cinema: Family Affairs

Location: Whirlygig Cinema, Hackney Attic

This month’s Whirlygig Cinema Spotlight takes on a familial vibe, focusing on filmmakers who turn their lenses and attentions towards real and fictional families and the relationships that grow within them. Featuring Duncan Cowles, Michael Pearce and George Watson.


Jan 10 – Poetry: Four London Poets

Location: Richmix, Shoreditch

Four of London’s most accomplished poets come together on this rare evening to present some of their most moving, witty and interesting works. Featuring Wendy French, Brett Van Toen, Agnes Meadows and Richard Rickford.

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