Motorists angry at expensive box junction fines

Homerton High Street junction box. Pic: Stacey Harris

Homerton High Street junction box. Pic: Stacey Harris

Hackney motorists claim Tfl uses a single box junction camera to make nearly £1 million in penalty charges.

The yellow box junction camera, next to Homerton Fire Station on Homerton High Street, is designed to keep fire engines moving in case of emergency.

The figures, released under a Freedom of Information request, show that between February 1, 2013 and January 31, 2014 there were 14,412 penalty charge notices issued, generating £989,533 in payments.

After getting caught in a yellow box junction the motorists are presented with up to £130 penalty charge.

However, the penalised motorists complain that Tfl keeps the junction for the benefit of road users.

Motorists say that the junction is so badly planned that it can be impossible to avoide stopping there during congested periods.

According to the drivers, there is no improvement in the roads, although the borough’s income from penalty notices is extremely high.

Steve Burton, Tfl’s director of enforcement and on-street operations, said the organisation is not going to block the junctions.

He added: “Blocking yellow box junctions can have a significant impact on road users, causing delays to motorists and the emergency services.”

TfL is in charge of 450 London box junctions and monitors all of the capital’s red routes.


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