Skye nightclub faces review following violent incidents

Skye Nightclub. Pic: Twittter/@Joe_Trading.

Skye Nightclub. Pic: Twittter/@Joe_Trading.

The licence of the Skye nightclub on Lewisham High Street is pending review, following several violent incidents involving the club’s patrons.

A number of criminal offences in the last six months have left police concerned over the safety of the venue.

The most recent incident was a large fight, which broke out on December 20, leading to seven arrests.

The Licensing Unit of Lewisham police have since asked for a “review” of the premises. Councillors will meet this week to discuss the future of the popular establishment.

Skye, which opened its doors in June 2014, promises a “fresh, fun and funky experience” for its guests.

Upon the nightclub’s initial opening, the owner, John Fortune, named “safety” as a number one priority, adding that the club is only a “stone’s throw away” from the nearest police station.

Police have expressed concern over the recent violence and said: “We can confirm that officers from Lewisham’s Licensing Unit have requested a review of the premises licence for the Skye nightclub in Lewisham High Street.”

Skye were unavailable to comment on the matter.

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