Cyclehoop sets hearts a-flutter in London’s bike lanes

Hearts Of London. Pic: Graham McLouglin

Hearts Of London. Pic: Graham McLouglin

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and this year London is ready to surprise its residents by a city-wide art installation, with 14 eye-catching red #HeartsOfLondon cycle stands across the city.

Hackney-based artist Graham McLoughlin collaborated with Cyclehoop, an award-winning company specialising in bicycle parking solutions, in a bid to raise awareness for the British Heart Foundation.

He said: “As well as celebrating the journeys and relationships we make across London, the installations were created to generate support for the British Heart Foundation.”

Anthony Lau, Founder of Cyclehoop, said: “When Graham approached Cyclehoop to collaborate on the heart-shaped bike rack, I was happy to help.”

“It seemed like a great opportunity to celebrate a love of cycling while promoting secure bike parking in the city, putting smiles on people’s faces and raising awareness for a charity we are passionate about.”

#HeartsOfLondon isn’t just about love and cycling. Its real aim is to support the British Heart Foundation.

Louise Parkes, Director of Fundraising at the BHF, said: “These installations will not only help to raise awareness of the BHF, but will also help us to raise money for lifesaving research which is helping to change the lives of those affected by heart disease every day.”

“I would like to encourage everyone to show their support for Grahams efforts by entering the competition and by texting LNDN86 to 70070 to donate.”

Don’t forget to take a photograph if you find one of the 14 cycle stands. If you upload the picture to Instagram with the hashtag #HeartsOfLondon, you could be in with a chance of winning one of the heart warming prizes.











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