Hi-tech companies to teach coding to schoolchildren

DIY Gadget Kit. Pic: Technology Will Save Us

DIY Gadget Kit. Pic: Technology Will Save Us

Companies including Samsung and Code Club Pro have launched a competition with Hackney Council that will enable pupils aged five to eighteen to submit their ideas for a new computer game.

The winner of the contest will then work with Technology Will Save Us, a technology start-up that will help bring their game to life using their DIY Gadget kit, a hand-held game console that assists in learning, creating and using technology.

Andy Griffiths, President of Samsung Electronics UK said: “What better place to be a catalyst for change than Hackney, being such an important hub of London’s Tech City”.

Bethany Koby, co-founder and CEO of Technology Will Save Us added: “We’re offering one of our best selling kits, DIY Gamer Kit as a prize to encourage people to get coding.” The kit will help build and create games from scratch.

The significance of learning how to code was highlighted with the integration of computer software into the national curriculum in September 2014.

Ty Goddard, Co-founder of the Education Foundation which is one of the partners working with Hackney Council said: “Young people are growing up in the digital age and it is vital they understand and can use technology for learning”.

“Teachers too, are increasingly using technology in the classroom to support great teaching and learning.”

Jason Stuart, a teacher and Code Club leader at Betty Layward Primary School in Hackney said: “Code Club runs once a week for 15 students, both boys and girls, from years 3-6. Students follow a program of varying difficulty which they can progress through to learn to code games and puzzles using the ‘Scratch’ program.”

February is the month of coding for Hackney in which people are encouraged to share their experiences and join the conversation on the importance of computer programming using the hashtag #GetHackneyCoding on Twitter.

By Lamees Altalebi

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