Housing Management set to return to Hackney Council

Hackney Homes_Copyright Miss Slater

Hackney Homes. Copyright Miss Slater

The management of social housing in Hackney will no longer be under the control of Hackney Homes after a survey found that over half the respondents were in favour of the change.

33,742 leaseholders were consulted and over half of the respondents were in favour the proposal. 15 per cent were against it, and the rest surveyed “did not know”.

The organisation, which has held a nine-year contract with the Council to run services such as collecting council housing rent and repairing and maintaining council homes, receives funding from the government to bring all council-owned housing to meet the Decent Home Standard.

The Council and Hackney Homes have now come to a joint proposal to bring the management back into the council’s hands. The Cabinet Member for housing, Councillor Phillip Glanville, said: “I’d like to thank Hackney Home’s Board and staff for all of their hard work and look forward to welcoming them into the Council.”

“Not only have they successfully delivered the Decent Homes programme, they have continued to build relationship with our residents”.

Rupert Tyson, Chair of Hackney Homes Board, added: “Hackney Homes and Hackney Council agree that the time has come to return the housing management to the Council.

“Hackney Homes has achieved what it was established to do and I’m proud of our achievements over the last nine years”.

Hackney Homes and the Council expect the transition to be made around April 1 2016.

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