Mayor launches clean air campaign at school

Boris Johnson, Croydon @Mayors Press Office

Picture: Mayor of London Press Office


Boris Johnson Visits school in Croydon to launch the Breathe Better Together campaign

Boris Johnson was seen chatting and having fun when he visited children at Norbury Manor school last week as part of his Breathe Better Together (BBT) campaign, aimed at increasing awareness amongst Londoners over how they can reduce their exposure to air pollution.

Several fun activites were used at the Croydon school to demonstrate the need to tackle air pollution and its causes. The children were given the chance to test their school’s own air quality monitoring station- which can measure the level of pollutants in the immediate atmosphere-as well as testing their lung capacity and exploring the causes of pollution through entering a large, inflatable snow globe.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London said : “This is about promoting small simple steps we can all make to improve air quality, protect ourselves from pollutants and indeed breathe better together.

“Today’s campaign is part of a series of strong measures I’m delivering to tackle air quality and safeguard the health and well being of Londoners.”

Norbury Manor school students enjoyed meeting the Mayor. Caleb and Naomi, both 6 years old, said : “We learned so much from meeting the Mayor and about air quality.We enjoyed making London balloons and the giant globe was really good fun and messy!”

“We think that together we can all help reduce pollution and one day there will be a car on London’s roads that is the cleanest car ever!”

Many schools across the city will be visited by a giant pop up interactive globe to help them understand air pollution and its causes.

The BBT campaign aims to help Londoners make small changes to reduce their exposure to pollution and improve air quality. Londoners will get email and text alerts about pollution levels and parents will be encouraged to walk or cycle to the school. Drivers will be asked to switch their engines off when they park their cars.

The campaign has been organised by the Mayor of London in partnership with Croydon and 3 other boroughs.

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