Police consult on anti-Semitic rally in Stamford Hill

Picture: Mike Abrahams

Picture: Mike Abrahams

Police are consulting local community leaders about the impact that an anti-Semitic rally will have on residents in Stamford Hill, home to Britain’s largest number of strictly Orthodox Jews. .

The National British Resistance group, founded and led by former member of the Conservative party Joshua Bonehill- Paine is planning to march next month against the “Jewification” of Stamford Hill, a district that has been home to Orthodox Jews since the 1700s.

Bonehill-Paine, a 21-year-old unemployed, self-proclaimed “nationalist, fascist, theorist and supporter of white rights” set up his blog, the Daily Bale, in 2014 to promote his ideology of British nationalism.

“On 22nd of March as one white and unified mass movement we will be finally pointing the finger in the right direction … You owe it to your race white man”, says the agitator in a promoting video. Their slogan, “Liberate Stamford Hill”, is also supposed to unite demonstrators against “the illegal and unlawful Jewish Shomrim Police that are enforcing Talmudic law on British streets,” the protestor has argued on his Facebook page.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: “We are aware of an application to hold a demonstration on March 22 in Stamford Hill. A decision as to whether the demonstration will be permitted has yet to be taken. We’re in consultation with the community about the possible impact it will have.”

Jewdas, a radical Jewish diaspora group based in London, have called for a counter-demonstration inviting “other anti-fascists and anti-racist groups and individuals to join us on the day.”

Nettie Brodsky, one of their members said on their website: “It’s about time every Jewish person of Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Israel, Italy, France and all other nations stand up for their rights to exist peacefully along side everyone else -hopefully without violence.”

In light of the murders in Paris and the increasing number of racist attacks and demonstrations in Europe, Prime Minister David Cameron has strongly condemned Anti-Semitism.

“The idea that the Jewish people once again feel unsafe in Europe is a truly sickening thought that strikes at the heart of everything we stand for. While the situation here in the UK is significantly better than in many other countries, we too have seen a completely unacceptable rise in anti-Semitism.”

Anti-fascist activists have planned a counter demonstration to take place in the same location at the same time – between 2pm and 4pm on March 22.


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