Pop-up Porridge Cafe set to open its doors in Shoreditch

The Porridge Cafe will serve savoury and sweet porridge dishes. Pic: Porridge Cafe

The Porridge Cafe will serve savoury and sweet porridge dishes. Pic: Porridge Cafe

A highly anticipated breakfast cafe specialising in sweet and savoury porridges is set to open in Shoreditch on March 2.

The Porridge Cafe is the newest competitor in Shoreditch, vying for attention against other novelty cafes such as Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium and Cereal Killer Cafe. Different variants of porridge and risotto inspired from all around the world will be served, along with coffee.

The idea for The Porridge Cafe was cooked up by Nik Williamson and Elly Harrington, who also manage street food company Bow Street Kitchen.

Williamson said: “We were in Copenhagen and we noticed there was a lot of great porridge. We tasted different grains – in Scandinavia they use rye, buckwheat, spelt, barley and quinoa to make their porridge. You would think we were sick of the stuff but the different varieties and incarnations are endless.”

“We love how versatile it is and hope we can make people realise that porridge can be so much more than oats and water.”

The menu includes 11 types of grains including barley, rye, spelt and buckwheat, and uses organic semi-skimmed milk for the sweet porridges. It is different every day and customers can choose from three sweet porridges or two savoury types.

Porridge is considered a healthy breakfast and is an excellent part of a balanced diet with high levels of fiber, protein and low GI. According to The Porridge Cafe’s website, “eating it [porridge] regularly can also help reduce stress due to the presence of magnesium in many grains”.

The Porridge Cafe is situated near Old Street Station at 70 Paul St, down the road from Cereal Killer Cafe.

For more information on menu choices and prices, visit The Porridge Cafe website.

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