School exam results cancelled over ‘irregularities’

Grinling Gibons School @Hanif Thamrin

Picture: Hanif Thamrin

A Lewisham school’s exam results have been cancelled over suspicions of irregularities.

 The Department of Education confirmed that Grinling Gibbons school’s exam results for maths; grammar, punctuation and spelling have been cancelled after the government’s watchdog conducted an investigation.

 The standards and testing agency investigate the school’s key stage 2 results for 2014 due to concerns over “irregularities”.

 Last year, Grinling Gibbons school was ranked fourth in the Sunday Times Parent Power league table.

 Parent, Okwunwanne Batram said: “ I don’t believe that my kid is cheating, this school is one of the best and I believe in the school completely.”

 Spokesperson for Lewisham council believes that the quality of education at the school is still “of a very high standard” and plan to launch their own investigation.

 They said: “ The Standards and Testing Agency has identified irregularities in a small number of test papers and this is, of course, a significant concern. Now that the agency has completed its investigation, we can, and will, now conduct our own review of the school’s test administration practice to assure ourselves that proper procedures are in place.”

 “At the beginning of the school year, to make up for the lack of information from the test, the school provided secondary schools with children’s work and moderated assessment information from teachers to ensure that pupils are sufficiently challenged and progressing in their secondary education”

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