Second cyclist killed in borough on roads this year

Mile End Cycling Superhighway Pic:

Mile End Cycling Superhighway

The second cyclist killed on the road in Hackney this year died on Monday. The 34-year-old man was hit by a lorry on the junction of Homerton High Street and Wardle Street at 4.20 pm.

In an interview for the Evening Standard, Zafer Koc the owner of Multicar Repairs affirmed: “The firefighters and the paramedics were there really quickly and were trying to help him but there was
nothing they could do.”

On 20 January, a lorry driver fatally collided with another cyclist less than three miles from the scene. After the accident, over 200 people took part in Amhurst Park ‘die-in’ protest over the physiotherapist’s death.

The alarming risk of cycling in London has been a much-debated topic for many people. The Hackney Cyclist Blog published a map listing all the collisions from the mid 2009 until 2014 in the borough. According to the publication, there were more than 164 accidents that resulted in serious injuries during this time.

Picture: Hackneycyclist

Picture: Hackneycyclist


Police are urging witnesses of Monday’s incident and anyone with information to contact them on 0208 543 5157.

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