“Last sex cinema in London” applies for full club licence

The unsuspecting storefront of Club 487. Pic: Sebastian Kettley

The unsuspecting storefront of Club 487. Pic: Sebastian Kettley

An unlicensed sex cinema in New Cross, billed as the last of its kind in London, has now applied to become a fully licensed club.

Club 487 was reportedly set up by the proprietors of porn cinema Mr B’s in Islington, which closed down in July last year.

The new club still has the facade of an old print shop on the outside, but past the double doors is a small black ticket office that appears freshly painted.

Customers allegedly pay £15 to sample the cinema’s explicit movies on multiple screens in a variety of different rooms.

The club manager, who declined to give his name when asked, told Eastlondonlines: “The council came down a few weeks ago and told us that we need a license. We’re now applying for that.”

The alleged sexual activities inside the club were the subject of an undercover News Shopper report that gave a graphic account of men pleasuring themselves and customers having sex in front of the screen.

After a police raid at the New Cross Road cinema on February 19 it reopened on February 24 with a license application plastered on the front door.

Police are continuing to investigate the alleged unlicensed activities at the cinema, but no arrests were made during the raid last week.

Police Sergeant Matt McGrath said: “Police in Lewisham will continue working with the council to identify premises where unauthorised and unlicensed activities are taking place.”

A Lewisham Council spokesperson said: “We are working alongside the police to investigate these premises”.

The council had no further comment about the club’s license application or the nature of the cinema.

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