Teacher to sue police over alleged “deliberate” assault

Amy Jowett. Pic: Amy Jowett

Amy Jowett. Pic: Amy Jowett

An English tutor from Hackney who claims she was “seriously and deliberately” assaulted by a police officer in an anti-fascist demonstration in 2013 is now suing the Metropolitan Police.

The incident occurred in 2013 at the ‘Unite Against Fascism’ demonstration in Parliament Square where Amy Jowett, claimed to have been kicked three times below the knee whilst blocking a BNP supporters’ march to the Cenotaph.

The police started pushing back the anti-fascists, arresting people, she says. Whilst trying to arrest a man next to her, Jowett alleges she felt a kick in her leg. She was treated by police medics before being taken to the hospital.

She told EastLondonLines: “I wasn’t engaged in any kind of confrontation and then I felt a kick coming into my leg. As soon as I was kicked, I knew it was broken.”

Jowett says she has since had seven operations and several infections. “I have been told I will definitely have to have knee replacement surgery”, she said.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police has confirmed that they received a civil claim about two weeks ago. They say they are currently looking into the matter and cannot comment at this stage.

Video by Fernanda Berlinck and Veronica Handeland



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