They tried to walk her down the aisle, she said no, no, no

Sonia Poleon has been proposed to 14 times. Pic: Sonia Poleon

Sonia Poleon has been proposed to 14 times. Pic: Sonia Poleon

A nursery manager from Croydon says she turned down 14 marriage proposals and is still looking for the perfect match who would meet her extensive list of requirements.

Sonia Poleon, 52, shared her story in an interview with James O’Brien on LBC.

She said: “I’ve been proposed to 14 times and I’ve said no 14 times. I’ve turned them all down. They’re not suitors that I’m looking for.”

“They may think I’m suitable for them, but I don’t necessarily think they’re suitable for me. [Rejecting them] isn’t a nice thing to do.”

Poleon, a mother-of-four, has been divorced for 12 years, after having previously been married for 21 years. Since then, she has had many proposals, but admits she is quite strict about her expectations.

“I have got a long list of what I am looking for. I want somebody who has already got their own career carved out. They must be single and they must be sane. I am not going to marry someone who does not know where they’re going. I have a plan and that person must be goal-orientated.”

Alongside her role as manager of the Little Saints Day nursery in Thornton Heath, Poleon is also a consultant and inspirational speaker in The Change Agent. She describes herself as “a self motivated person who’s aim in life is to impact the lives of those around her”.

When she was asked what advice she would give to single women, she said: “I think they need to know what they want. I have a list of 25 essential requirements, 19 desirable qualities and four ‘can’t stand’ elements. I put things into categories. If they really want that person they will find them.”

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