Three 24 hour bus strikes announced throughout the month as dispute over pay inequality continues to rage

Picture: Wikimedia

Picture: Wikimedia

Three more bus strikes are planned over the next two weeks causing further travel disruptions across London.

Unite members are set to walk out again for 24 hours over the dispute on pay inequalities.

The strike will affect services from 4am on February 5 as well as night bus services the morning of February 6. However, bus services will operate as usual during the day on February 6.

The bus companies likely to be affected by the bus strike are:

 Abellio (Abellio London and Abellio West London);
 Arriva (Arriva North and Arriva South);
 CT Plus (Hackney Community Transport);
 Go Ahead (Blue Triangle, Docklands, London General, London Central,
 London Sovereign;
 London United;
 Metroline (Metroline and Metroline West);
 Stagecoach (East London Bus & Coach Company, Selkent);
 Tower Transit.

All other TFL’s public transport services will be running as normal.

The strike is due to the dispute between Unite and the bus companies over differing drivers pay and conditions.

Mike Weston, TFL’s Director of Buses, said: “I am very sorry that the leadership of Unite are threatening to further disrupt the journeys of bus passengers, especially given that only 16 per cent of bus drivers voted for strike action.

“As the bus companies who employ the drivers have said, it makes no sense to pay all drivers precisely the same amount. As in all professions, bus drivers have different levels of experience and it is only right that this can be reflected in pay. A ‘levelling up’ of pay to the highest rates would cost around £100 million a year and would result in a cut to bus services, an increase in fares, or both.”

A spokesperson from Unite, the union campaign ‘Driving up pay for London’s bus drivers’, said: “Many drivers on the same bus route working for the same bus company are being paid different salaries. One fare for passengers- why not one rate of pay for bus drivers!”

Two further strikes actions will occur on February 13 and February 16, causing further disruptions to commuters and bus passengers.

Keep checking East London Lines for further updates and travel information.

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