Man sentenced for attacking girlfriend over Facebook password

Kane Boyce was convicted of murder. Pic: Met Police

Kane Boyce was convicted of murder. Pic: Met Police

A man has been sentenced to life after killing his girlfriend by stamping on her head because she wouldn’t give him her Facebook password.

Kane Boyce was yesterday jailed for life, with a recommendation of serving a minimum of 20 years, for murder after hitting and stamping his girlfriend to death in their home in New Addington.

Investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Diane Tudway, of the Metropolitan Police Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “Boyce’s utter obsession with his unfounded belief that his girlfriend was cheating on him led him to brutally attack her.”

The 34-year old was found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey, claiming Paula Newman, 20, died after falling out of his car during a late-night drive in 2013. A claim Tudway had described as being “a tissue of lies”. He had denied the charge and instead pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Tudway was “pleased” that the prosecution refused to accept his plea for manslaughter.

The couple had been in a relationship for seven months prior to the incident.

In the weeks before the murder, Newman had told friends she wanted to “end things” with Boyce.

Newman, 20, was killed after Boyce attacked her. Pic: Met Police

Newman, 20, was killed after Boyce attacked her. Pic: Met Police

When the couple arrived home on the night of the murder, November 11, their landlord who lived in the same flat as the couple Boyce shouting at his 20-year-old girlfriend.

During the night, residents in Elmside, New Addington, heard a man shouting and a woman screaming outside their homes.

One neighbour heard a male voice screaming for her to “log on” and a woman crying, Boyce then drive to friends in Dunsfold Way.

Upon arrival Newman was virtually unconscious and covered in mud and vomit while her face was badly bruised and scratched.

Hours later an ambulance was called as Newman was falling in and out of consciousness.

She was later announced dead and Boyce was arrested in his home the same morning.

It was heard in court that Boyce had a history of violence towards women and former partners. Some had resulted in convictions for assault but most of his victims were scared to take things further with the police.

Tudway said: “I urge anyone who is in a relationship and feels they may be at risk of domestic violence or abuse to find out about their partner’s previous history under Clare’s law.”

“I encourage all partners in any form of abusive relationship to report it and seek help from the police or relevant supporting agencies”, she said.

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