New speed limit proposal to be discussed in meeting

A new 20mph speed limit will be passed only if residents agree. Pic: David Bleasdale

A new 20mph speed limit will be passed only if residents agree. Pic: David Bleasdale

The proposed 20 mph speed limit for residential roads in Croydon will only go ahead if local residents agree to the plans.

A council meeting planned for March 16 will call people living in Croydon to give feedback on the planned changes.

Councillor Kathy Bee, Croydon cabinet member for transport and environment said: ”Safer roads mean safer residents, and we’re exploring 20mph limits so our borough is a better place to live and work”. She added: “However, we’ll only do this if our residents want it to happen. This change could bring a huge improvement to the lives of thousands of our residents plagued by speeding drivers, but getting it right means consulting properly.”

If the result is positive the changes will start as early as Spring, beginning in Croydon North and spreading across the borough over three years.

TfL are providing the first £300,000 to fund the project, which is part of a £1.5 million project to improve road safety in the borough.

The new speed limits will not affect roads controlled by TfL, such as through roads or red routes.

However, the Croydon Cycling Campaign, a subgroup from the larger London Cycling Campaign, feel that the plans do not go far enough.

Kristian Gregory, a spokesperson from the group said “At present, the council is planning on 20mph limits on residential roads, but it is on more major roads where the vast majority of collisions occur and where 20mph limits would be of most benefit.”

“Southwark and Lambeth are in the process of converting all their roads to 20mph. Croydon should be taking the lead on improving safety on our roads instead of lagging behind other London boroughs.”

The new speed limit plans were set out in the local Labour government’s ‘Ambitious for Croydon’ manifesto when they were elected to run the council last year.



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