Oink your way to Haggerston this May and learn about pigs

Micro-pig eating a carrot. Pic: Yelp.

Micro pig eating a carrot. Pic: PetPiggies.

Stuck on things to do in London this spring? How about a lovely pignic? Yes, you read correctly, a pignic.

At London’s first ever micro pig picnic in Haggerston, the public will have the opportunity to learn about pigs and the reality of being a micro pig owner between May 21-25 at The Proud Archivist on Hertford Road.

A micro-pig is a very small, docile pig of the hairless variety.

The event has been arranged by Yelp, a city-guide website, in partnership with PetPiggies, one of the country’s leading micro pig breeders, and Farms Not Factories, a pig welfare charity.

The east London pignic is the brainchild of Alex Shebar, community director of Yelp.

“I heard about micro pigs on the news, and learned that a lot of people who decided to get a pet pig don’t really know what it takes, they don’t realise how big they eventually get. So they abandon them,” said Shebar.

He said the event hopes to raise awareness of the welfare of pet pigs.

“We see cool trends and lately there has been an increase of animal cafes, you have the cat cafe and the owl cafe”, Shebar explained.

There will be three rooms at the event, a picnic room, a room where charities will inform people on the conditions of pig factories, and a third room which will be holding a “pass the pig” competition.

In the evening, there will be a film screening, but the title of the film remains a secret for now.

Caroline Chaplin, the owner of PetPiggies, said: “The response has been bonkers, there are 300 places and thousands have shown interest.”

According to PetPiggies, micro pigs are extremely clean, so they’ll most likely leave the venue without it looking like a pigsty.

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