Residents receive fines after “helping the council”

Parking attendant. Pic: Salim Fadhley

Parking attendant. Pic: Salim Fadhley

A number of Grove Park residents have been hit with parking fines of £110 after Lewisham Council staff asked them to move their vehicles for tree maintenance.

The residents of Chinbrook road were left with nowhere to park, as the few free car parks nearby were full, after having been asked to move their cars from their private driveways to allow the trees to be cut and reduced.

Kayleigh Nicholls, 26, told how residents parked round the corner, as that was the only available road.

“I have an eight-week-old baby which I had to put in the car to move it and when I found the five free spaces were full I did not deem it appropriate to drive at least half a mile from my home to find alternative parking when I was parking my car to help works on the main road take place.”

“I’m being penalised for doing a good deed and helping the council,” Nicholls told News Shopper.

Nicholls has appealed to Lewisham Council on the grounds that it was due to the request of the council staff that she moved her vehicle, yet it was rejected.

She plans to continue to argue the case.

A Lewisham Council spokesperson said: “Residents were notified by letter of the tree maintenance programme on Chinbrook Road and were asked by the contractor to help ensure the works were carried out efficiently and safely by not parking their cars underneath or adjacent to the trees that were signed and coned for pruning.”

“Even during maintenance works, it remains the responsibility of car owners not to park their cars in areas that are restricted. If anyone contravenes these rules they will be liable for a penalty charge notice.”

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