Serial rapist who tortured escorts with knives jailed

Serial rapist Duwayne Shaun Henry sentenced to 12 years. Pic: Met Police

Serial rapist Duwayne Shaun Henry sentenced to 12 years. Pic: Met Police

A serial rapist who tortured escorts with knives after booking them online has been jailed for life.

Duwayne Shaun Henry, 34, of Elvin House, in Hackney, was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in prison on Tuesday after a three-week trial at Blackfriars Crown court.

Henry, who reportedly called himself “The Ripper,” selected his victims online via an escort agency, thinking sex workers would be less likely to report the assaults.

He booked the escorts for the early hours of the morning and intentionally gave out the wrong flat number on each occasion, watching them approach his block of flats before meeting them outside.

On sentencing Judge Hillen said: “You are a serial rapist. The terror you instilled in your victims, by use of weapons and words used and restraints do not bear imagining.”

“Your crimes are at the highest end of wickedness and are disturbing for the public. You present a danger to women and present a significant risk of serious harm to the public.”

“These were premeditated attacks on vulnerable victims. You targeted them, lured them to your home, made threats and used weapons to terrorise your victims. You were forensically aware and attempted to dispose of or conceal evidence.”

During the final attack in February 2014, Henry prepared his bedroom as a torture chamber displaying seven knives and other tools including a belt, shears, a saw, pliers, a circular saw and a hedge trimmer.

Once he lured the victim to his home, he put a knife to her face, pushed her over and told her she was going to die. The victim was then gagged, tied up and raped.

Some time after, the victim was able to escape whilst Henry was distracted. A man burst into the room to set her free after hearing her screams. This man described by police as a “good Samaritan” has never been traced, despite a police appeal last year.

The victim was then able to contact police and Henry’s flat was searched. The phone of the first victim was found in the flat, and she was identified abroad by police. The second victim was also located during police investigations.

Detective Inspector Tony Lynes of SCO1, Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “Duwayne Henry is an evil individual and I am pleased that justice has been done today.”

“The crimes Henry has been convicted of today are appalling but I can’t be certain that there aren’t more victims out there. I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to any woman who thinks they may have been a victim of his to come forward to police.”

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