ELL #migrantmunchies: Celebrating Turkish cuisine

Wake up, Britain – Turkish food is not just about kebabs and hummus! Efes Restaurant serves up no-frills Turkish cuisine, its menu filled with delicious grilled plates, traditional stews and soups and Turkish “pizzas”, known as pide.

Founded by chef Kazim Usta in 1975, the restaurant is named after the historical city of Ephesus in Aegan, Turkey. The restaurant prides itself in being as authentic as they possibly can, and providing amazing customer service. The venue is immaculately decorated and seats up to 160 people at a time.

Tower Hamlets is well-known for its diversity, with almost 1,700 people registered as Middle Eastern in 2011. It’s time we recognised the complexity of the cuisine that liven up our palates and make London’s restaurant scene what it is today.

Check out the menu at Efes Restaurant and be sure to try an authentic cup of Turkish tea or coffee! That’s all we have for ELL’s #migrantmunchies series, we hope you enjoyed the food as much as we did.

Craving Turkish food? Pick one, any one!

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