ELL #migrantmunchies: Enish brings Nigeria to Lewisham

There are almost 10,000 Nigerian migrants living in Lewisham, but hardly any authentic Nigerian restaurants. It isn’t clear why this is the case, but it makes Enish, an authentic Nigerian restaurant and grill, a unique addition to the restaurant scene.

Enish caters to the largest group of African migrants in the borough and attracts Nigerians from all over the country and beyond. Owned by married couple Shola and Eniola Medupin, Enish was dreamed up by Shola, who had plenty of experience as a high-end chef in Nigeria before he came to the UK. Now, the pair add a much-needed touch of spice to the local area and have become a favourite of the African community.

Visit their website here and be sure to drop by for a flavoursome Nigerian experience. Tomorrow on ELL’s #migrantmunchies week, we take a walk down ‘Pho Mile’!

If you want to find out where all the other African restaurants are in Lewisham, check out our map below!

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