ELLchocfest: Try this melt–in-the-mouth chocolate truffles recipe

Eastlondonlines' easy homemade truffle selection Pic: Harriet Mallinson

Eastlondonlines’ easy homemade truffle selection Pic: Harriet Mallinson

You can make delicious chocolates at home, it needn’t be difficult or expensive. Plus, our recipe doesn’t include sugar, so you can kid yourself they’re better for you!

Truffles look great lined up with different coatings and are an easy way to impress people, so get your friends and family involved, by getting them to choose and roll their own coating. For adults, chocolate goes hand in hand with many different types of alcohols from creamy Baileys to malt whiskey and brandy.

Here is our super easy recipe to get creative in the kitchen:


300 g of dark cooking chocolate – preferably at least 72%

300 g double cream

50 g unsalted butter


We chose to make four different flavoured truffles:

Lemon zest




Alternatively you can try orange zest and juice, red wine, brandy or anything you like.

For coating the truffles, we used crushed walnuts, dark cocoa powder, white chocolate and toasted decimated coconut. You can also try biscotti or cinnamon –or anything that will stick.


Break up the chocolate into little squares into a glass bowl.

Heat over a saucepan of boiling water until its melted and little bubbles appear.

Melt the butter in another pan, but don’t let it burn.

Then add the cream and mix together well.

Next, pour the chocolate over the cream and butter and stir it until it’s all consistently mixed.

Split the mixture up into different bowls and add your desired flavouring and stir it in well.

Pop them in the fridge and wait two hours, until the mixture is set.

Put your chosen coatings onto small plates so it’s easy to roll the truffles in.

Then put a little sunflower oil on your hands so the chocolate won’t stick. Spoon a little of the mixture out and roll lightly in the middle of your palm. Roll the ball gently in the coating and set aside.

If you can bear not to eat them all at once, keep the truffles cool in a container in the fridge. They will last about three days.

Best served in a nice dish accompanied by a glass of wine. Enjoy!

Words by Emma Henderson

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