Goldsmiths home to Lewisham’s first Hackathon


Lewisham’s first Major League Hacking (MLH) hackathon, Anvilhack, was hosted at Goldsmiths, in New Cross, on March 21-22, by the universitys’ hacking society, Hacksmiths.

A hackathon typically lasts a number of days, usually a weekend, in which attendees collaboratively develop new applications for existing technologies.

With the help of MLH, Hacksmiths managed to secure several high profile sponsors from the tech world, including Paypal.

The hacking society also partnered with companies like Pebble and Estimote, who provided attendees with cutting edge technology to use in their hacks.

The event focused on the creative aspects of hacking, rather than the business and monetisation side typically seen in hackathons.

The food was also different, with organisers saying it was “healthier” than other events. Vegetarian chilli, baked potatoes, beans, and turkish stew were on offer.

Anvilhack lasted two days, with most of the hacking taking place on the ground floor of Goldsmiths’ St James church.

Students came from all over London, as well some travelling from as far as Edinburgh to attend the event.

EastLondonLines experienced the event first hand, and spoke to hackers, organisers, and MLH representatives.

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