Liberal Democracts and Labour see boost in membership after election disappointment

Voters Leave a polling station in Tower Hamlets Pic: Tower Hamlets Council

Voters leave a polling station in Tower Hamlets Pic: Tower Hamlets Council

The Liberal Democrats and the Labour party have seen a major increase in members across the boroughs of Lewisham, Tower Hamlets and Hackney following their poor results in the general election last week.

In Tower Hamlets, the Liberal Democrats say their membership figures have risen from 123 to 236 members since last Friday.

“People were devastated by the results last week, but rather than sit back and lick their wounds, people have been invigorated and inspired”, a spokesperson for Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats said.

Ben Mathis from Hackney Liberal Democrats said: “In Hackney borough we have seen an increase of over 50 per cent since Thursday.” Mathis said that specific numbers of local membership would not be released.

Mathis added: ”I have never seen anything like this.”

Joe Dromey, councillor for News Cross Labour, did not specify local membership figures but said: “We have experienced an influx of new members in the last week”.

Chris Weavers, chair of Tower Hamlets Labour Party, said: “While this information is not made public at a local level, we have certainly already seen an increase in the number of people joining”.

Weavers said the upcoming mayoral re-run election in Tower Hamlets may also be playing a role in encouraging supporters to get involved. He said: “residents are volunteering to get involved in helping to get John Biggs elected as Mayor of Tower Hamlets in 11th June”.

The growth in membership has been confirmed at a national level.

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