Petitioner who lodged complaint against Rahman now calling for suspension of 17 councillors

Azmal Hussain, standing. Pic: Katharina Schöffmann

Azmal Hussain, standing. Pic: Katharina Schöffmann

Azmal Hussain, who lodged a complaint against Lutfur Rahman, has now submitted a Letter before Action at the Electoral Commission requesting the suspension of all councillors who stood for Tower Hamlets First in the 2014 local election, including mayoral candidate Rabina Khan.

The letter will ask for the suspension of all councillors who were elected as part of THF. Rahman founded THF after his expulsion from the Labour Party in 2013. THF was delisted by the Electoral Commission on April 29.

However, the Electoral Commission clarified that “The deadline for which you can raise an election petition and challenge an elected councillor is 21 days.”

The local elections were May 2014, so the deadline for a petition has long passed.

They also added that: “This is a legal process that has nothing to do with the Electoral Commission”

Rabina Khan initially stood as a councillor for THF in 2014, and is now independent. She will also stand as an independent in the mayoral election. She is not part of the Independent Group, which is comprised of the rest of the former THF councillors.

Eastlondonlines tried to contact Hussain, but was not successful. He told the EastLondonAdvertiser: “These councillors should stand down as their party has been banned by the Election Commission”

The legal action against Rahman began earlier this year after four voters lodged a complaint under the Representation of the People Act, alleging improper conduct during the 2014 mayoral campaign.

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